Countdown to winter and snow has begun! Can’t wait til we can go boardin’. Here’s to an epic season. Fingers crossed!!

sugarbush, VT


Wow.. total heart attack of everything on this site. Mac n cheese pancakes?? Check it out for some very interesting food combinations and some of the most fattening meals I’ve ever seen!


tumblr_koqeruuw5k1qzvnxpo1_500Yes, that is a cheesesteak with mozzarella sticks and french fries!
If you want to see more, check out:

KFC has just introduced a new sandwich for all your bread haters, the new Double Down. Not to say that this is a healthy alternative. I thought KFC was trying to change their image, take out the ‘fried’ and change their name? Apparently they had a change of heart along the way and thought we needed another oversized fat-clogged sandwich.

The new Double Down sandwich uses two fried chicken filets instead of a bun. The “sandwich” part is tucked between the two filets and consists of two slices of bacon, melted swiss and pepper jack cheese and the Colonel’s sauce. Calorie estimates are putting it around 1,200 calories. Its only been offered in two areas so far, Rhode Island and Nebraska. Lucky them. 😉

Okay, that wasn’t the real commercial. But it was better than the real one. Really gets the message across..don’t ya agree?

This makes me really want to play with legos again!

Great video submitted in for the Google Chrome icon contest. You can see the rest of the submissions here.

Wow. This was really sad and disturbing. And scary when you think about how many people are texting on the road while you drive. Beware, definitely a little graphic and bloody..

Check out this crazy lights from LitStyle. Guaranteed to turn your place from a lame hangout to a club in seconds. Now your car isn’t the only thing that can get some neon pimpin’ love. Of course its not as easy as going to pick up the ladies cruisin’ in your ride, but if you can bring them home – i’m sure they will be feelin’ it.

LED Lights_House

LED Lights_House2

Okay, I really slacked on this post since I wrote it back in January! But what can I say, it was a great season and we spent most of our free time on the mountain.

After months of going back and forth, I finally decided on the Roxy Eminence BTX board. I was torn between this board and the Gnu B-Pro BTX, but I definitely made the right decision.

Roxy Eminence BTX

Its the perfect board for me…holds its edges great in ice and is super fun in powder. It took me a little time getting used to it after 3 years of riding my Ride Vista, but after the first day or two I was so happy with it.

I made so much improvement in my riding with the Roxy Eminence BTX, I went from being comfortable on greens and blues to conquering black diamonds easily. We spend most of our time riding in Vermont, and it was perfect in conditions ranging from ice and hard packed to deep powder. Thank you Torah Bright and Roxy/Mervin Manufacturing for making such a great board! The Banana Tech with Magne-Traction makes all the difference in the world.

And of course it looks good (I know – I’m such a girl)! I love the black & yellow colors and the flashy design.

The only thing I am going to change for this season is to adjust my stance, I really think a wider stance is going to help give me more stability. Having gone through ACL/PCL surgery I was hesitant to put too much weight in my knees with a wider stance, but I think it will definitely help my riding skills!

Now I’m just counting down the days ’til the season starts. Only like 3 – 4 months to go!

Roxy Eminence BTX Board Specs
BTX: Reverse camber, allows maximum amount of base on snow. Learn more about rocker technology
FG3 core: Aspen/Palonia blend for high flex strength and unbelievable pop. FG3 has more Palonia stringers, for more pop.
Twin Shape: All-over freestyle riding, with proven power in pipe and park.
Vectran Fiber: Lightweight and poppy.
5 SW: UHMW sidewalls laminated to five internal wood layers. Bombproof.